Decontamination Medical Waste

Advanced technology for the treatment and disinfection of the Hazardous Health.

Familiar Method

Health facilities are familiar with this processing method.

No Shredding

No need shredding.

No Risk

No risk of incomplete sterilization.

No Emission

No emission of pollutants.

Plastics Recycling

Facilitates the recycling of plastics.

About Us

We different - We better

Ecologically sound technology for the treatment and disinfection of the Hazardous Health Care Waste such as syringes and needles, scalpels, gauze, dialysis filters, and glass among others, that affects to the environment and the people involved in its management.

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Why Us

Why You Should Use Our Services

Treat Together

Waste of classes 1 and 3 can be treated together with MSW

Without Trainings

System does not require special training and permission to work with it

Always Ready

We always serve whatever your problems are at any time, even on weekends or holidays.

Easy Installation

Easy installation and switching on (to a standard 230V network)


A short cycle time – only 10-20 minutes

Flexible Service

Customer can buy or lease equipment

Our Products

Product Overview

Even such pathogens as fungi, prions, spore-forming bacteria
with an organic load be sterilized in 20 minutes and without an organic load in 10 minutes.

Cycle time

15-20 minutes

Waste loading

24 litres

Power supply

2.1KW/AC220V. 50Hz

Dimensions, WxH

Disinfector 520x840x710 mm

No Shredding

No need shredding


Patented technology

DISTERI is a unique patented
solution of microwave