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“We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors. We borrow it from our children.”


The world is generating more and more waste and hospitals and health centres are no exception. Medical waste can be infectious, contain toxic chemicals and pose contamination risks to both people and the environment. If patients are to receive health care and recover in safe surroundings, waste must be disposed of safely.
Choosing the correct course of action for the different types of waste and setting priorities are not always straightforward, particularly when there is a limited budget.


Actual technologies of decontamination:
chemicals — entail a health risk for the people who handle
them and a risk of environmental pollution, shredding needful.
  • Incinerators — Wastes are only partially burnt – risk of incomplete sterilization and significant levels of emission of atmospheric pollutants.
  • autoclaving — risk of incomplete sterilization, shredding needful.
  • shredders — The waste is not disinfected. facilities are very expensive. Requires skilled staff and permanent monitoring.
  • disposal by burial — Wastes remain hazardous. Transport to the landfill can be a lengthy and costly operation. Risk of water pollution.
Advantages of microwave technology:
Health facilities are familiar with this processing method.
  • No need shredding.
  • No risk of incomplete sterilization
  • No emission of pollutants.
  • Ecologically sound technology.
  • Facilitates the recycling of plastics.
  • Low operating costs.
We developed an advanced technology for the treatment and disinfection of the Hazardous Health Care Waste such as syringes and needles, scalpels, gauze, dialysis filters, and glass among others, that affects to the environment and the people involved in its management. We assure that all potentially infectious waste is treated properly, right at the facility where it is generated.

Familiar Method

Health facilities are familiar with this processing method.

No Shredding

No need shredding.

No Risk

No risk of incomplete sterilization.

No Emission

No emission of pollutants.

Plastics Recycling

Facilitates the recycling of plastics.

Our Products

Product Overview

Even such pathogens as fungi, prions, spore-forming bacteria
with an organic load be sterilized in 20 minutes and without an organic load in 10 minutes.

Cycle time

15-20 minutes

Waste loading

24 litres

Power supply

2.1KW/AC220V. 50Hz

Dimensions, WxH

Disinfector 520x840x710 mm

No Shredding

No need shredding

We different - We better

Patented technology

DISTERI is a unique patented solution of microwave treatment


Less than 15000 EUR

Flexible service options

Customer can buy or lease equipment

Fit for recycling

Wastes is fir for recycling after decontamination

No Emission

No emission of pollutants


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Konstantin Zelenshchikov


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